What is safety? It’s a freedom from risk. The condition of being protected from danger or injury.

At Divine, we ensure safety through a multi-pronged approach of investment into vigorous training, a robust implementation of safety measures and regular inspections.

Divine Enterprises’ safety department continuously monitors our Safety Measurement System (SMS) score, which empowers our company to make safety-based business decisions.



Utilizing the latest equipment models allows us to provide high-quality service while simultaneously reducing downtime and increasing our on-time delivery rate to 97.5%.


This was accomplished via


  • The latest technologies in telematics
  • A two-way temperature audit


In 2013, we developed a major fleet upgrade program with the goal to replace current tractors and trailers with the most advanced equipment available.


The execution of this program was successful and results far exceeded expectations.
The fleet upgrade directly translated into a


  • Reduction of downtime due to less frequent breakdowns
  • Improvement in our safety score


We continue to obtain brand new equipment annually.




Divine Enterprises is based in California, which has the strictest regulations for air pollution in the United States. Our company is in compliance with all federal and state regulations.


Divine Enterprises developed and implemented a driver award program for fuel efficiency achievements. Through this program and our updated equipment, the company reduced fleet-wide fuel consumption, which directly translates to CO2 emission reduction.


EPA Smartway has certified and classified Divine Enterprises into:


  • Group #1 by g/mile PM produced and g/tm NOx produced
  • Group #2 by g/mile CO2 produced
  • Classification among 600 United States carriers for mixed and refrigerated fleets on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 is the best and 5 the worst).
Divine Enterprises specializes in pharmaceutical and high-value freight.
The company’s top priority is the security of our shipments. We thoroughly researched and implemented the most advanced telematics technologies and interfaces for both tractors and trailers with a reefer unit.
By utilizing advanced fleet management systems, Divine Enterprises is able to offer a new level of customer service. Our company’s dedicated team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide updates on any requested status in a matter of minutes.
Divine Enterprises customers always know where and under which circumstances their freight was loaded, have a fully transparent arrival and departure acknowledgment system, and obtain the most detailed information update of equipment assigned to a particular load during its transit.
A trained team is always able to track freight and provide all information on cargo status in terms of temperature-regulated loads, such as reefer parameters, operating mode, set temperature, supply temperature, return temperature, door status, current location and position history.
Our innovative methods do not end here, as the company is also able to control units remotely via satellite.
Utilization of technologies from Carrier - Intelli-set, which are created and customized according to our customers’ needs, has given us the ability to eliminate human error at the set point.
Another layer of freight protection includes the use of Fresh Protect, which eliminates the chance of freezing, even on extremely temperature-sensitive products.
Company refrigerated trailers are specified right from the production line at the ordering stage to meet the most sophisticated customer requirements. Improved insulation, door seals and AirRide suspension are also in place to ensure cargo security.